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Air conditioning Installation

These are some of our installations. Whether you want Central Air Conditioning or a mini split as you see on the  right side,

Pelkar can assure you, the installation will be done right. Our goal is that the Air Conditioning System will be reliable, economical

and efficient.

Heating Service & Installation

Air Conditioning Service

Air Quality is so important today and this is a specialty of Pelkar Technical Systems. On central air blower evaporator units there is a drain line for water to flow out of the unit. Usually there is P trap helps the water flow out of the unit while the blower is running. These P traps do clog up and the water can not drain out of the unit. The water is then picked by the air stream and thrown all over the inside of the unit. This can cause black mold and bacteria to grow inside your blower unit. When your air conditioner is serviced the inside of the blower should be checked. The P trap is cleaned and the drain line blown out. A lot of damage can result from water over flowing the pan and running onto the ceiling. We have also run across some older flex that does not have a liner.

The fiber glass is exposed to the air flow. Older flex systems should be checked for this. This condition could play havoc for: The elderly, especially people with allergies, asthma, and people with lowered immune systems should be especially careful.


  Service and Installation


We service all types of heating Equipment.

Furnaces, Boilers and Rooftop Units.

We also service humidifiers which need

to be serviced every year.  Running a

humidifier not cleaned out for the season

could mean bacteria in the air you breathe, and sickness could result.

Call Pelkar and have peace of mind.